convince someone kool g rap,az masta ace, brother ali, cormega,pac, dead prez, ice cube,biggie r good rappers?

and old jay z, elzhi, and big pun, they couldnt fit in title. he says these guys dont have there own style , all sound generic and horrible just like lil kim, rick ross, kreyshewn, lil wayne, justin bieber. he says how r these guys any better,he says they r just as good as how the holocaust was good for the jews. he says all he hears is a bunch of black supremacy, these guys all sound the same nothing that stands out, same style, they talk about the same shti, like supporting drug use, supporting gang ,insulting women supporting sexually abusing women, and sex in general, constantly say the n word, and have annoyin ebonics like yo, yeah wassup niqqa,he sya the hood is a bad place and all these rappers do is say how its a great place and think they better than everyone cause they talk about the hood he says he notices how these rappers r trying to hard to rhyme, but say words that dont rhyme or say random words to rhyme that ruins context.

making incorrect references, he says these guys talk about killing cops who did them nothin wrong. talks about

he says its stupuid how masta ace compares drug dealing to football games like in sound unfriendly game, he says how he should either stick to rapping, or making musicals, skits, and he says the same for his disposable arts album. he mentions the song alphabet soup encourages killing people , as well as the other things i mentioned on top about what he says about these rappers. he says masta ace song i like dat says the word sperm muzzle aint a real word and the song sounds really nasty and disturbing. he made fun of mast aace's song take a walk because he says the chorus is stupid repeating come on, fifty says mast aca use of the word fourth dimention is wrong.

he says its stupid how these guys talk about comparin drug dealing to govt. because people who work in the govt have a life, work hard but when u drug deal it requires no skill and u ask for violkence, cause drug transactions cause this. he says these guys should be thankful that govt. doesnt censor your crap and not talk bad about it. he says other govt. would censor this crap.

he says kool g rap couldnt have invented crime rap, he says crime has been around long ago in media and its impossible to invent a genre,

he says big pun not able to take breath while rappin is not impressive because there r screaming contests, polititians who also can scream, talk fast without catching breathes and thats not very impressive.

he says in the song propaganda by dead prez, he says they r ignorant because they said that u need permission from pentagon to launch missles, he says u dont.

he says its annoyin to hear elzhi say raw shti niqqa and ebonics in the song talking to myself.

he says the beats rappers make requires no musical instruments and talent and can take five min on computer minutes

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