How come California seems to set national policy??

From construction to enviornmental issues California seems to be the "big boy" witth in the states. WHY does California carry so much weight? How come Washington or Oregon is not the trend setter? If size & clout are to be taken into consideration, TEXAS & those cigar chompin big shots outta be the end all be all state in America. Certainly NO state is more famous than the Lone Star state. I mean from cheer leaders to crude/oil Texas is the most recognized American state to the whole world! Despite a heavy population base what is so special about podunk California???


My good man don't ya realize that the ole "BUSHwhacker" feels for our achin lil azzes, jus like ole "slick willie" did when he was crying & tossing/turning in bed trying to figure out how to help his constituents!

Update 3:


Update 5:

don't worry about me invading your turf, I could not AFFORD it financially. Fricken California Big Shots, can buy out Bill Gates with pocket change!!!

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