I made a bad SEX decision ....?

I have been on & off with a guy since Thanksgiving, and prior to that we have been dating a year. I love him so much & would marry him in a second. Recently, we have separated and I feel so sad. And last night, I was finally feeling good about being single, that I went out for a friends birthday, met a guy at the bar and had sex with him. Then today, I had a good talk with my guy & things are looking hopeful. NOW. HOLY COW I FEEL AWFUL. I know if I tell him, he will not want to be with me. Which, I would not blame him. I don't need to be called a slut or a whore, because I have not slept with my guy again, but I am how long should I wait to sleep with my guy? I love him & feel so stupid that I let myself have sex with someone because I was on the rebound. Should I tell him? We used protection. I just feel like I violated us. Because I did. It was the worst mistake ever, I really thought we were over. Ugh what a BAD IDEA. So how long should I wait & what if anything should I say to him? Something? Nothing?

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