Pill identifiction, and hospital wristband/label identification, possible pregnancy liar! Help!?

Well my friend seems to been have possibly lied to by his ex. We re not sure though. Our first piece of requested evidence were ultrasound pictures. She apparently didn t request them but they still gave them to her according to her. Upon asking for proof of such, she only provided a photo of what seems to be a "closed" package with a label taped onto it. The label possibly seems like a cut-out wristband of a hospital patient, as she has gone to the hospital various times before. She denies sending proof of the internal contents.

Our second piece of "proof" were pictures of pills, one was a tablet with a light green color, and a capsule with matching color BUT a marking on it with the numbers "648". She apparently has depression issues and takes medicine for it, this pill seems to be for that, and I ve done research and I m not sure if such a pill is suppose to match up with an abortion pill package? Can someone please help me verify if any medical abortion package comes with a pill marked "648"? The girl has mentioned she is possibly having twins and could be a possible means as to keep being affiliated with my friend.

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