Tea tree oil on my snug and scaffold piercing?

Both my snug and scaffold keep scabbing up, and it's been over a month since i had it pierced. i think i'm irritating it more because i keep picking at the scabs by habit. i've been reading and people say tea tree oil is good for this kind of thing? or if it isn't, what is good for what is happening? if i can use tea tree oil on them, do you have to dilute it? and how do you apply it? on the box i am getting it says it's 100% pure.


I use a product called easy piercing that my piercer gave me for my nose. there are three different tubes in the box, theres is a white foam, what looks to be salt water, and a liquid that is i'm not sure what it is, i cleaned my ear 2 times a day, but i stopped a couple of weeks ago, should i carry on?

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