What are some good leech/premium link generator sites? Mainly for FSC.?

All of them seem to be messing up.

- (or whatever its called now) hasn't been working for over 3 months. Well at least for the links I've tried, but the problem keeps on changing :S

keeps on giving a 'cannot download file' (or similar) message

is in an eternal 'high server load' state

- same as Hlusoe

- that seems to have been taken down

- was working perfectly fine until today :S Now it downloads the file, but downloading the file from their servers gives you a 404 or something like that.

is the only stable one as of now, but the dl speed is worse than the rest :S

I don't have a credit card (or any money) so I can't pay for premium, and my parents will never pay for it. No parallel downloads I can live with, but the 30 minutes cooldowns I cannot, especially when most of the files are split into 5+ parts :S. Now that Megaupload is gone, only Filesonic and Fileserve are left out of the most widely used sites. However, Filesonic has 30 minute cooldown, and fileserve is just plain annoying to use (and slower than Filesonic). Both also have pre-download countdowns and a captcha too =_=.

Any other leech sites that you know of thats not pay to use? :D


Oh yeah there's also check if that one works still

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